Monday, 20 August 2012

Pre0order New Super thin nano charcoal burning fat(RM120)

Color classification:

~ Silver (the boxer paragraph)
~ Black (the boxer paragraph)
~ Beige (the boxer paragraph)
~ Silver (triangular section)
~ Black (triangular section)
~ Beige (triangular section)

Foot code:

~ S
~ M
~ L
~ XL

M: Waist 27-28 Hips 34-36
L: Waist 29-30 Hips 36-38
XL: Waist 31-32 Hips 39-41
XXL: Waist 33-36 Hips 42-44

Anti-Bacterial, Breathable

100% Bamboo Fiber

Girly Features

1. Prop up the side of the pressure concentration. (Immediate focus) - Furu concentrated. Cup + level
2. Draping shape. (Waist curve) - the waist curve. The perfect present
3. X-back support. (Body straight and abdomen) - to reduce backache. Farewell pain
4. Hip farewell sagging. (Pretty hip up the whole) - Strong plastic hip. Bottom upup
5. Fat legs fixed. (Shape legs) - good results
6. Breathable mesh gauze material. (Skin-friendly comfort) - breathable. Breathing

Bamboo fiber fabric using nanotechnology burn fat, super-breathable breathing. Good modeling results, which can effectively help the body burn fat weight, the bottom will open, easy going to the toilet

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